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4PL Solutions

Empowering the Supply Chain with Disruptive Solutions.

Pioneers in designing and operating eFulfillment clusters: connecting your eCommerce and executing your shipments. 

Fullfillment Solutions

 Last Mile
 Reverse Logistics
 e– Fulfillment
 Value Added Services

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Using our technology and experience, we efficiently execute the distribution, store balancing and value-added services for the goods of our clients.

Control Tower

 Security Management & Monitoring

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Using our technology and experience, we manage transportation and security for the goods of our clients.

Fulfillment Services

Last Mile


We optimize the operation and management of deliveries to your customers. And we support it with excellent customer service, using notifications.

Reverse Logistics


We manage the inventory balancing processes of the different stages of the value chain, ensuring traceability and assertiveness of inventories.



We connect with your eCommerce and implement the logistic and delivery processes.

Value Added Services


We execute the added value processes that your business requires; taking care of the quality and traceability of your products.

Control Tower Services


▪ Do you have full visibility of all your Supply Chain processes?

▪ Do you have connection with all your transportation providers in one single platform?

Try managing all of your importation and transportation processes, with the support of our Henzai Suite platform.


▪ Do you have visibility from your deliveries with the highest level: cases, order, vehicle, etc.?

▪ How do you need that visibility?

How do your clients need it?

Try the Order Management module of Henzai Suite and live the experience of complete visibility and traceability for your deliveries.


Security Monitoring

▪ Do you have connection with all your transport and security providers?

▪ Do you need tools like telemetry, geofences and engine stop?

Henzai Suite’s Control Tower Module and the 24/7 Monitoring set up allow an integrated control; including remote controlling of vehicles.