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Henzai Suite

Empowering the Supply Chain towards digital transformation.
Technology to make it succeed.

Modules & Applications


Our platform is the vehicle that will lead your business towards the Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain

Order Management


▪ Connectivity with ERP systems 

 Receipt and consolidation of orders

▪ Extensive status visibility by order number or case

Shipment Management

▪ Connectivity with ERP systems

▪ Complete visibility including the status and history of logistic events

▪ Digital documentation of PODs (Proof of Deliveries) and location supported by geolocation

Courier Management

Availability and selection of Courier by cost and service level; including self owned fleets.

▪ Quick and easy generation of guides; including bulk uploading option

Control Tower


▪ Full visibility of resources: status and the task they are executing

▪ Full control of resources; including collaborators and vehicles

▪ Two-way communication through notifications

Route Planning & Notifications

▪ Route assignment and ETA calculation (Estimated Delivery Time)

▪ Notifications to the destination point or client.



▪ Cross-platform GPS integration

▪ Extensive visibility of shipments with the order number, shipment, among others.

▪ Remote control of vehicles: telemetry, geofences, engine stop, etc.

Performance Monitor

▪ Design and visibility of indicators

▪ Ability to export data, reports and indicators

Platform Scope

e-Commerce Businesses

Managing shipments with self owned fleet or couriers.

Companies with Own Shipping Fleet

Controlling resources, visibility and sending notifications.


Security and Monitoring Companies

Monitoring and controlling resources: telemetry, engine stop, convoy control, etc.

4PL Companies (Fourth Party Logistics)

Managing vehicles and headcount, executing shipments and notifications.

Benefits of the Platform

Swift and accurate information

Cost visibility and maximization

Higher service level